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"Higher Education" A Poem By Bonny Mills

She came down to the round corral and asked "what's that you're doing?"

He said, "I'm showing Nugget here this new fangdangled schoolin'"

I read it in the pages of this cowboy publication.

How to give your horse a dose of this here higher education.

So she sat down on the wagon and silently she snickered.

And Nugget watched her through the fence then gave a gentle nicker.

See Nugget was her favorite horse, the one she'd rode for years.

And she understood very well what went on between his ears.

He was a little cinchy so she would pull it up real slow.

And when it came to scary stuff, he'd often snort and blow.

Little traits she'd learned to live with from her trusted steed.

As for this higher education, she did not see the need.

He had never been a horseman, more of a tractor kind of guy.

But he knew no limitations and he set his goals real high.

An exercise in patience this was sure to be.

And downright entertaining for her to watch and see.

She had to sit there quietly and try to bite her tongue

To watch events unfold, until the job was done.

Nugget was sure to learn himself a thing or two today.

And it would all take place in a quiet, gentle way.

Things went better than expected with Nugget and old Hank

That cowboy publication, he was sure to thank.

For giving him the skills and the knowledge he did need.

To make a better horse of this particular steed.

Hank was taking all the credit for the neck rein and the whoa.

For the easy way he stepped out and the willingness to go.

But all these things were already set in Nuggets gentle soul.

She had taught him everything he knew some dozen years ago.

So she lets him tell the tale his way to all of his best pals.

Of how he'd tuned up Nugget down at the round corrals.

This here is a lesson about a woman's dedication.

To give her man a chance to take pride in his higher education!

© Bonny Mills | 2012

Photos taken "down at the round corral" on Iron Creek Ranch.

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